Maker: Camac
Type: Pedal
Style: Clio
Price: £8895.00
Remarks: 44 string pedal harp in cherrywood finish. This harp has been a delightful harp to own and with which to perform. The harp has a warm full tone and produces a good volume of sound due to the extended soundboard. It has proved to be a most reliable instrument and has been very easy to transport due to its more compact size. This would be a perfect harp for a student or beginner harpist requiring a first size pedal harp. Comes with a full set of covers which are 2 years old. Last serviced by Camac December 2016.
(New this harp retails at £12895)
Age: 18 years
Location: York
Contact: Emma Yates-Butler 07887 852633