Maker: Camac
Type: Pedal
Style: Little Big Blue
Price: £15,000.00
Remarks: Immaculate and as new 44 string electro-accoustic pedal harp in maple finish.

This harp has been played in and has a beautiful well rounded sound. It is light and easy to transport and has a full set of travel covers as well as a dust cover.

PERFECT for playing at weddings and functions - just plug in cable from your amp to the harp! Once you have your levels pre-set on your amp, it's just a case of plug in cable and off you go. It's been a joy to use for weddings as it is so quick and easy to set up.

URL of the harp in action at an outdoor wedding here

Serviced by Camac technician at Saltaire 2015. Also included is the DIY regulation kit that came with the harp.

Age: 4 years
Location: Cheshire
Contact: Lauren Scott 07811 564394