Dusty Strings

Maker: Dusty Strings
Type: Non-pedal
Style: FH36S
Price: £3,500.00
Remarks: 37 string Dusty Strings harp with stave back to the soundbox. Beautiful Bubinga wood finish with mother of pearl inlaid buttons on the front of the column. Stands 55 inches tall so would be perfect for an adult player or a young harpist requiring a taller instrument. This harp- originally a 36 stringed instrument - has had an extra bass wire added by the previous owner so the range goes from 1st Octave C to 6th D. For a harp of its size it has a fabulous, huge sound throughout.

Comes with a padded travel cover, many spare strings and a tuning key.
Age: 10 years approx.
Location: St Albans or London
Contact: c/o Geraldine 01727 872372 or 07958 235695
Email: Geraldine@affairsoftheharp.com