Dusty Strings

Maker: Dusty Strings
Type: Non-pedal
Style: Crescendo
Price: £2,650.00
Remarks: This harp is in good condition and has a very resonant sound with rich bass and bright treble. Comes with easily detachable legs to adjust playing height.
Also included is a heavy duty carry case, tuning key and spare strings for all but the thickest bass strings.
The neck, back and sides are made from solid Sapele and the soundboard is laminated Birch.
This harp has been much loved for its rich tone, but the owner has now upgraded to a carbon fibre harp due to back problems.

This harp would now retail new for £3550.
Age: 9 years approx.
Location: Macclesfield, Cheshire
Contact: J Brightmore 07814 582741
Email: jcbrightmore@gmail.com