Maker: Erard
Type: Pedal
Style: Gothic
Price: £8.000.00
Remarks: This has been my daughter's harp since she was 9 years old and still carries a birthday bow! (She is now 16). It has been regularly serviced until she stopped playing it three years ago, when she decided to choose the violin as her main instrument. The harp was originally bought from Niebisch and Tree who had done the restoration work and replaced the soundboard.
It has a beautiful and resonant sound. 'She' has accompanied my daughter in many concerts and competitions and been very much loved.
This is a very reluctant sale but as the harp is no longer played, we would like it to go to a home where it is again played and loved.

Comes with a set of padded travel covers.

Age: 130 years approx.
Location: Pembrokeshire and Bath
Contact: Rosalind Sharples 07747 752334