Lyon and Healy

Maker: Lyon & Healy
Type: Non-pedal
Style: Troubadour VI
Price: £2,500.00
Remarks: 36 string harp in Mahogany finish. This is a classic design harp which is in excellent condition apart from one or two minor blemishes which are purely cosmetic and do not affect the sound. For the last 2 years the harp has not left the house. It was last serviced in 2016.
Whilst it’s a large harp (Stands at 61” tall and around 31” at the widest part. ) is is relatively portable. Comes with a padded cover, tuning key, digital tuner and 21 spare strings.
Has a beautiful, rich sound
Happy also to provide all the harp books that are no longer used with this sale.
Have been reluctant to sell this ( as was very difficult to initially source) in the hope that it will be picked up again, but sadly this hasn’t happened.

Age: 10 years
Location: Grantham, Lincs - very close to the A1
Contact: Claire Abel 07970 022354