Maker: Pilgrim
Type: Non-pedal
Style: Skylark
Price: £1995.00
Remarks: 34 string lever harp in afromosia satin finish. Brass levers and gut strings throughout. Has beautiful, custom made carving of a Celtic knot design on both sides of the neck with added carving to the front of the pillar - making this a stylish and highly original instrument. Beautiful sound - even throughout.
Immaculate condition. This was bought for the harp student as her first harp and she then progressed to a pedal harp. The harp has mostly been played "in house" and has been well cared for.

Comes with padded carrying case, tuning key and many spare strings.
Age: 7 years approx
Location: St Albans or London
Contact: c/o Geraldine 01727 872372 or 07958 235695
Email: Geraldine@affairsoftheharp.com