Maker: Salvi
Type: Pedal
Style: Daphne 40
Price: £8,500.00
Remarks: Fantastic 40 string pedal harp - perfect for a student or performer who would like a lighter and slightly smaller model at 26.5kg but still wants a full rich and even sound with reliability on quality.
Recently serviced and regulated by Billy Hornby with all new bass wires and pedal felts. Service receipt available.

Has a surprisingly big, resonant sound and can easily fill a venue. Played everyday, it comes with padded travel covers (worth £500) and house dust cover. This harp has taken my daughter all the way through her grades and is an ideal instrument for those with a smaller car or limited space. At recent competitive festival, a highly respected and experienced adjudicator commented that "it was good to see a child with a pedal harp [Daphne 40] that was the right size for them".

Age: 3 years
Location: Solihull
Contact: Abby Stain 07866 712565