Maker: Starfish
Type: Non-pedal
Style: Lochaber
Price: £3,350.00
Remarks: Starfish Lochaber in Cherry wood, with Delacour levers.
This model has slightly wider spacing than other Starfish models as it usually comes with concert gauge strings.
This one has been strung with bow brand Concedo lever gauge since it was new, thereby giving it a slightly brighter tone than usual. Overall a big warm rounded sound for a small harp.
Bass wires replaced in last 12 months. Comes with tuning key, dust cover, new outer travelling covers, detachable metal stand and matching cherry box stand if a taller playing height is preferred.

Here is a link to a YouTube clip of the harp being played:

Age: 9 years
Location: York
Contact: Kerry McLeod 07746 383574