Harp Trolley- Transharp

Maker: Harpo
Type: Pedal
Style: Transharp harp trolley
Price: £400.00 + postage
Remarks: The "Transharp" trolley, made by the same manufacturers of the "Harpo " trolley, is a more economical option that serves the same purpose - getting your harp from A to B efficiently and easily. With 12 inch pneumatic tyres, it is easy to manoeuvre the harp over any surface, including those cobblestone pathways and gravel pathways- the bane of every harpist's life ! Moving the harp up and down stairs is certainly safer as the tyres cushion the movement- meaning the harp is not jarred or jolted so less chance of damaging the base frame assembley.

The "Transharp" is made of aluminium and is sturdy but light at 5.5 kgs.

The toe-plate is wide enough to take any size of harp and it folds up for ease of storage.
Unlike the "Harpo" this trolley does not fold down but at this price that is not really an essential requirement !
This is a trolley that will last for many years
Age: NEW
Location: St Albans
Contact: Geraldine 01727 872372 07958 235695
Email: Geraldine@affairsoftheharp.com